Ah, the love of fall. The cool, crisp season where leaves turn, pumpkin-spice everything hits the shelves and shades of orange or red seem to be everywhere.

Yes, it’s true. The season wouldn’t be complete without autumn’s traditional hues gracing our indoor and outdoor spaces. But here in California, where we’re all about setting trends, we’re adding a twist to the typical fall colors incorporated into our homes – starting with our walls.

Using the season’s cool feel, we’re exploring wall colors that are not only trendy during the colder months, but are also ideal for setting a stunning space to cozy up in this fall.


Forest Green

darkgreentilePhoto via Food52

  1. Metallic Tile Backsplash: Add some fall flair to your kitchen with these jeweled-toned tiles that bring a colorful splash of versatile, timeless and invigorating color to your cooking area.


darkgreenbedroomPhoto via Lonny

2. Eclectic Vintage Bedroom: There’s something about a dark green bedroom that gives off a royal, sophisticated aura. The look is further complimented with soft-colored décor that balances out the entire space.

darkgreenaccentwwallPhoto via Apartment Therapy

3. Accent Wall: A dark green accent wall is a great idea for the color shy – striking, yet easy to change. Pair it with natural wood and modern pieces for a fresh new look. The unexpected color will bring a pop of color and modern taste to your home.



Dusty Rose


halfpinkbedroomPhoto via Little Green Notebook

  1. Half Pink Bedroom: If you’re unsure about fully painting your room a pink hue, then go halfway instead. Paint the bottom half a pale pink color that’s so soft and subtle, that it’s basically a neutral. Use your bed sheets and room décor as a way to add more to the pink experience.


pinkbathroomPhoto via Design Sponge

2. Pink Bathroom: The 1940s and 1950s saw a lot of pink bathrooms in their time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the hue to modernize our own spaces. Just be sure to stick with a light shade to avoid a tacky look.


pinkkitchenPhoto via This Old House

3. Copper-and-Pink Combo: There’s no better pairing than dusty rose and copper. The tones play off each other’s warmness and subtlety in a harmonious way. A tin-tile copper backsplash with adjacent serene pink walls make for a charming kitchen corner.



Stormy Blues

darkbluediningImage via HGTV

  1. Modern Dining Room: Dark blue is the perfect shade to incorporate into your dining room’s walls as well as its décor. Use a grasscloth wallpaper to create a cool texture that adds to the room’s sophisticated vibe.


darkblueofficeImage via Home Polish

2. Stylish Home Office: Add a pop of color to your home office by painting one of the walls dark blue. You’ll instantly notice that the colored wall brings a sophisticated aura to the entire room.

darkblueceilingImage via Toronto Home Builders HUSH

3. Dark Blue Ceilings: For all the over-achievers out there, painting your living room ceiling a dark blue hue will be something you’ll be proud to show off for years to come. The best part is that you can leave the surrounding walls white and this choice will still look ultra-chic.



Light Gray

lightgraykitchenImage via HGTV

  1. Light Gray Kitchen: The cozy neutral shade of light gray is perfect for your kitchen since the soft color looks lovely with cabinetry of all shades and can be decorated with any bold décor of your choosing.


lightgraybedroomImage via Home Bunch

2. Warm Neutral Bedroom: A light gray shade will give your bedroom a romantic, classic feel that’s enhanced with a touch of modernity. Use bright white linens to bring out the wall’s pale color.


Image via Gravity Home

3. Cozy Living Room: Create a cozy space for entertaining by complimenting the gray walls with gray or white furniture, a bold rug and sleek décor.



Moody Grays

darkgrayshowerImage via Dyna Contracting 

  1. Shower in Style: Dark gray tile is the way to go for a contemporary and unique shower space. The dark color prevents stains from showing which is another plus.


darkgraydiningroomImage via Home Bunch

2. Dramatic Dining Room: Wow your guests with an impressive dark gray dining space. This color can make any room look elegant, especially if it’s paired with sophisticated dining furniture.


darkgraylivingroomImage via Hative

3. Lime Green and Dark Gray Pairing: There’s something about combining dark colors with bright hues that really makes a space work. In addition to lime green, you can use the traditional colors of fall: yellow or orange to make your living room stand out.



Which wall color will you be incorporating into your home this fall? Let us know in the comments below.