San Francisco. A city that has stood strong over time. From seeing thousands of fortune seekers flock to its shores during the California Gold Rush and recovering from the devastating 1906 earthquake to being the center of liberal activism during the 1960s and leading today’s technological revolution, the City by the Bay has flown through history by leaving its mark on every page.

San Francisco’s rich history is something Coldwell Banker is very familiar with since the company was founded in the city over a century ago. And just like the iconic city, Coldwell Banker remains timeless as the years go on.

Coldwell Banker got its start in 1906 following the great San Francisco earthquake when two business professionals, Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker, sought to create a real estate company that would provide honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate services to area residents.

More than a century later, Coldwell Banker remains the most iconic real estate brand in the industry, taking inspiration from its always timely home, San Francisco.

Inspired by the concept of ever-lasting icons, we are proud to share the stories of some of Coldwell Banker’s own iconic Independent Sales Associates who are busy conquering the city every day.

During the coming weeks, we will share the stories of ten Coldwell Banker Sales Associates from offices throughout San Francisco: Max Armour (Pacific Heights), Cece Doricko (Pacific Heights), Naomi Glass (Lombard), Joel Goodrich (Pacific Heights), Jim Laufenberg (Market Street), Janice Lee (Sunset), Naomi Lopez (Pacific Heights), Anthony Navarro (Lakeside), Shaban Shakoori (Pacific Heights) and Betty Taisch (Lakeside).

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Meet the Icons

Click on the images below to explore San Francisco’s real estate industry through the eyes of the people that breathe it day in and day out and learn how these professionals are legends in their industry.

The Local


For Max Armour, loving what you do means guiding his clients with attention and intention through the steep and challenging real estate terrain of a city he knows as well as himself.



The Superpower

For Cece Doricko, loving what you do means turning the impossible into reality. “I love to make it happen,” says Cece. “That’s the kind of city San Francisco is. If you want to be in tech, you gotta make it happen. If you want to own real estate, you gotta make it happen.”


The Socialite 


For Joel Goodrich, loving what you do means putting relationships first. Joel knows that the foundation of a strong real estate relationship can often be traced back to that first handshake, that first flash of a smile, that first glimmer of confidence inspired by an agent’s knowledge.


The Educator


For Janice Lee, loving what you do means helping others succeed. “I was born in Hong Kong and came to San Francisco when I was four years old,” says Janice. “My family and I started from humble beginnings, and I’ve always dreamed of owning property and helping individuals achieve their American dreams.” 


Coming Soon

The Deal Maker | Naomi Glass

The Advocate | Jim Laufenberg

The Power House | Naomi Lopez

The Market Insider | Anthony Navarro

The Advisor | Shaban Shakoori

The Leader | Betty Taisch


We hope you’re as inspired by these stories as we are and we encourage you to also share what you find iconic about living or working in San Francisco.