If you’re like us, then you love the speed and ease of sending out a request or receiving a response via text message and email. You’ve also realized, however, that this modern form of communication lacks the personal touch of good old fashioned face-to-face conversations. Non-verbal tools like intonation, gestures, facial expressions and body language are lost in translation in today’s electronic messages.

That’s why the creation of emojis is so genius – because what better way to display your excitement, anger or sadness than by including a cute over-emotional face next to your written message?

In real estate, where we spent most of our days communicating with clients on complicated transactional matters, showing our true enthusiasm for helping them sell or buy a home can be a challenging task to accomplish.

The new CARmojis app, developed by the California Associate of REALTORS®, looks to change that by offering agents the ability to personalize their social content and client communication with real estate related stickers.

With creative icons that read “Who’s Your REALTOR®?”, Open House signs, superman and superwoman agents, and more, you’ll create a little excitement the next time you’re letting people know you love what you do.


The app, available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, is completely free of cost and full of fun.

Here is a step-by-step guide for installing and using CARmojis onto your phone.



Step 1: Download CARmojis from the App Store
Step 2: Open Settings
Step 3: Tap General
Step 4: Tap Keyboard
Step 5: Tap Keyboards
Step 6: Select Add New Keyboard
Step 7: Tap CARmojis
Step 8: Turn on Allow Full Access


Step 1: Open a New iMessage
Step 2: Write message
Step 3: Type global icon in the bottom left hand corner until CARmojis pops up
Step 4: Tap your CARmojis icon
Step 5: Tap message field and hold
Step 6: Select Paste 

Step 1: Open a New iMessage
Step 2: Begin writing message
Step 3: Type global icon in the bottom left hand corner until CARmojis pops up
Step 4: Tap the smiley face icon on the bottom row
Step 5: Select GIF
Step 6: Paste into message field

Step 1: Open CARmojis app and select Stickers
Step 2: Select most recent photo taken, browse your gallery or take a new one
Step 3: Tap the Champions of Home icon on the bottom left hand corner
Step 4: Pick a sticker and place it wherever you wish to do so
Step 5: Once you’re happy with how it looks, tap the check icon at the top right hand corner and send away




Step 1: Head to the Play Store
Step 2: Search for CARmojis
Step 3: Tap Install and Accept
Step 4: After it downloads, tap Open
Step 5: Select Enable CARmojis
Step 6: Tap the CARmojis option
Step 7: Allow access to data on your phone
Step 8: Tap back arrow and tap Select CARmojis
Step 9: Select CARmojis as your default keyboard


Step 1: Select Messages
Step 2: Tap the three dots in the right hand corner
Step 3: Choose CARmojis
Step 4: Tap Copy button
Step 5: Select Messages platform
Step 6: Tap the Aa button and type in the name of your recipient
Step 7: Hit Send

Step 1: Tap Messages
Step 2: Select smile icon from the bottom row
Step 3: Choose GIF
Step 4: Select Messages
Step 5: Tap the Aa button to type in the address
Step 6: Tap send

Step 1: Open CARmojis app
Step 2: Select Stickers
Step 3: Take a new photo by tapping the camera icon or select one from your gallery
Step 4: Tap logo on the bottom left hand corner
Step 5: Then select your sticker
Step 6: Once you’re happy with how it looks, tap the check icon on the upper right hand corner
Step 7: Tap send icon
Step 8: Select your send preference and you’re all set


Click here for more details on this unique app and video tutorials on how to install and use it.