Optimism, inventiveness, boldness. Ah, the privilege of youth. The Coldwell Banker brand was founded by two bright-eyed twenty-somethings with a dream: to bring ethics and integrity back to the San Francisco real estate community after the turmoil of the 1906 earthquake. More than 110 years later, we’re still embracing their inventive ideas and shaping the next generation of real estate leaders. Each year, the brand unveils its 30 Under 30 class — a list of agents, managers, broker/owners and key staff members from all across the U.S., Canada and overseas that have achieved success in sales, philanthropy and leadership. As Charlie Young, president and chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC noted: “These honorees are paving the way for the future of the real estate industry with their commitment and passion to deliver impressive results for their communities.”

Two California-based game changers made the 2017 list: Brett Caviness of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Menlo Park/ El Camino and Ryan Nemeyer of Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley in Napa. These down-to-earth, do-gooder millennials are not only passionate about real estate, but are bent on breaking the status quo and rewriting the rules for what it means to be a successful real estate agent in the digital era.

Let’s get a little more acquainted with these two guys….



Office: Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Menlo Park/ El Camino, (650) 324-4456.

Age: 28

Years of experience: 8

Why I got into real estate: Seeing my parents work as factory workers most of their life, I knew I wanted to do something different.  I saw a realtor on television and thought that aligns perfectly with me. Working with people and real estate, what could be better?

Why I chose Coldwell Banker: There are many things I like about working for Coldwell Banker, including the incredible tools at my fingertips that allow me to be a step ahead of my competition.  But more than that, it is the recognition that Coldwell Banker has in my local community, plus the international relationships I’ve developed with Coldwell Banker agents around the world.  Initially, Coldwell Banker was able to give me a boost of credibility when I was new to my market, coming originally from the Midwest.  The brand also has credibility among other real estate agents, people know and respect Coldwell Banker agents for their skill, professionalism and attention to detail.

Claim to fame: Being named to the top 6% of all Coldwell Banker agents internationally after my first year selling real estate in California full time. I know where I came from, and that it has not been easy — so to achieve that level of success in such a huge organization in a relatively short amount of time in such a competitive market (and one to which I relocated), is not something I take lightly.

Favorite part about working in Silicon Valley: I love constantly being pushed to keep up with my tech-davy, analytical silicon-valley clientele.  They are an exceptionally smart bunch who demand a high level of service which was one of the draws for me to California.  Because of my clientele, I’m constantly pushed to grow my expertise and professionalism which excites me.  I do so through continued education, receiving coaching, and constantly refining my processes.

What services means to me: I really care about my clients, and I’m passionate about what I feel is most important in our business in order for me to help my clients achieve their goals.  I won’t stop at anything to be sure they are taken care of in the absolute best way I know possible.  This means I don’t cut corners in my time, effort and marketing for my clients.  I really feel they deserve the best, and I want to provide them with it.

How I give back: I’m involved in several community service-based organizations including the Rotary Club of Menlo Park and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula.

Favorite digital real estate tools: The NARRPR app. My CB CRM also really helped me in my first couple of years selling full time in California, but it also helped me stay in touch with an ever increasing number of leads and contacts into my database.  I really feel this allowed me to successfully cultivate and close more business.  On the listing side, of course CBX has been a dazzling tool for sellers when I can show them how I’m using our exclusive technology, and why it is important, as I create custom and targeted advertising campaigns to get their property in front of the right, qualified buyers.

Personal definition of success: Having the ability and flexibility to lend my time and or resources to my family or friends.

Best kept secret: Before I decided to sell real estate, I wanted to be a choir teacher.

What’s next: My next goal is to grow and support a team that actually outproduces my individual production. I really enjoy most helping other agents learn and grow their business, guiding them with the experience I’ve acquired over the last eight years selling real estate.



Office: Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley in Napa, (707) 258-5200.

Age: 28

Years of experience: 3

Why I got into real estate: I am a second generation Realtor and I have family members in both New York and California who are in the industry. I didn’t know that it was something I wanted to pursue until I was a senior in college, even though I was surrounded by it my entire life. I started assisting some of the top agents in my market with marketing and administrative work. The demographic is much older in Napa Valley and I quickly learned that there was a demand for successful young professionals that could bring a social media and digital component to marketing (specifically to sellers). I feel in love with the hustle and am driven by the unlimited potential. It’s cliche, but I also enjoy the relationship aspect with each one of my clients and helping them with investments.

Why I chose Coldwell Banker: I absolutely love working for Coldwell Banker. The management, staff, training, market strength, exposure, education, etc. The list goes on and on. In Napa we have a huge office (120+) and there are so many different personality types which make the team and office synergy so much fun! Being in a “world destination” real estate market demands certain elements in your business model and Coldwell Banker delivers. Our office hold the majority of the market share. This is important for “coming soon”, “Pocket listings”, and gathering market trends fast. Coldwell Banker also provides the global presence that a standard boutique office can not supply. We have a huge international pool of buyers and Napa is a second home market so this is key.

Claim to fame: I am most proud of the 30 under 30 award. I am putting young real estate professionals on the map in Napa and am honored to be an ambassador of the brand to encourage others to do the same.

Favorite part about working in Napa:  I absolutely love where I live. The location, weather, people, amenities, is absolutely heaven on earth. You don’t have to be a “car salesman” to promote the area. It speaks for itself. Second, I am totally the minority of real estate professionals which makes me stand out like a sore thumb! I am surrounded by successful seasoned agents that have been in the business for 30+ years. I like to think of myself as a breath of fresh air. I am able to easily set myself apart from the competition and adapt to the current market trends and demands. I have drive and motivation which I feel can sometimes be lost when you get “comfortable” in your business.

What services means to me: I consistently strive to be the best for each one of my clients. My business model, communication, and diversity in the market is what sets me apart. I adjust to the demand. For example, a large part of my business is with developers/investors building Spec Homes/Multi-unit. To cater to their needs and allow them time to continue the money flow and get the funds to do the next project, I have created a service called Q4. It takes the project from acquisition to buildout/resale and allows us to be stewards to their investment. Having a team that can handle design, permit process, project management, pre marketing, wealth management, construction lending, etc. is extremely valuable. They know that my system works and that they will receive the “white glove” service and not have to be consumed with the project while it is facilitated for them. Having a service that no one else can provide, sets me apart from the competition and secures my value as an agent.

How I give back: I have contributed my time to eat and 68 hours of hunger initiative, donate blood on a regular basis, and I’m also an active member of my local YPN Association.

Favorite digital real estate tools: I am in love with the CBx tool and is something that wows my sellers. It coincides with my social media marketing model and reinsures that I am using every possible avenue to discover the buyer for the property. I also am a huge fan of HomeSpotter. Utilizing it at showings for confidential remarks and detailed property information saves my on MLS prints and can literally do my business on the go with very short notice.

Personal definition of success: Balance and lifestyle. I am still trying to accomplish both. Right now I have to work hard to get me in the place I want to be. Once I get there, its about being consistent and making time for what really counts. To me that is family. Being able to provide to my family now and create a legacy based off of value and integrity is my definition of success.

Best kept secret: People seem to be amazed that, at such a young age, I am able to balance a successful business, raise three children and continue to give back to my community.

What’s next: I’m still looking for my next goal! Being named among the 30 Under 30 was at the top of my list to achieve. If I had to choose now, I would have to say my next goal is to continue to grow my team in a way that creates balance and success. I am currently in the process of market expansion and look forward to solidifying my systems for success.