Whether you refer to your pet as a dog or cat or call him or her your “furbaby,” you likely pamper your pooch or pussycat—at least a little. After all, the pet industry today is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that has grown substantially year over year. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), spending increased from $60.28 billion in 2015 to  $66.75 in 2016, with 2017 estimates of $69.36. That number is predicted to rise to $96 billion by 2020, largely due to must-haves like blueberry doggy facials, pet therapy, concierge dog walking, and the luxury items below.


Luxury Accommodations

Image via Rockstar Puppy

This stone-faced Adirondack Style Dog House has the option of changing the saying, “in the doghouse,” into a positive. Pricing starts at $20,000—a small price to pay for a dog house that’s as stylish as your own. Not a fan of this architectural style? You can choose the Glam Limestone Dog House for $30,000.

Architectural Cat Tree

Petly, purveyor of the $5,655 automatic pet feeder, has released a new must-have for the pampered pet. Behold NEKO, the modern, see-through cat tree. A reflection of the company’s “artistic philosophy and approach” intended to mesh high design with practical use, NEKO also reflects a high price tag: $9,000. Well worth it to keep your cat off the couch.

Designer Pet Bowl

Image via Versace Home

Who couldn’t use a little Versace on the floor? The Medusa Gala Pet Bowl will only set you back $995, so you can buy one to keep the water in, too.

Fancy Dog Bed

You could pick up a perfectly suitable dog bed on your Target or Costco run, or hit any specialty pet store and rummage through their selection. But who doesn’t need a black studded, faux leather, ottoman-style dog bed a la Fifty Shades of Grey?!

“The perfect conversation piece to amuse your friends, the ottoman offers an updated take on the tradition of the Turkish court, as well as a special home within a home for “Spike,” said Rockstar Puppy Boutique. You’ll pay $3,300 for this version; numerous customization options are available and you can even use your own fabric.

Scratching Post

It’s kitchy, it’s useful, and it’s far easier to look at than your average scratching post. Choose a replica Mona Lisa ($208) or Girl with the Pearl Earring ($233).

Pet Carrier

Image via Louis Vuitton

You don’t have to stick to furniture to have a pampered pet, and you don’t have to stay home, either. When only the best will do for your plus-one travel needs, there is no substitute for this Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Pet Carrier, starting at $2,690.

Priceless Dog Collars

It’s not uncommon for people to leave millions to their animals in their will (We’re talking dogs, cats, chimps, and even chickens.) But why wait until after you’re gone to turn your precious pet into a millionaire? Alongside an $899,000 dog collar featuring 600 handset diamonds and an 8.5-carat sapphire pendant and a $518,000 ostrich leather collar with 27 carats of diamonds, there is the $3,2 million Amour, Amour, a 52-carat dog collar. “The chandelier designed dog collar has 1,600 handset diamonds adorning the 7-carat brilliant-shaped centerpiece,” said Dog Beds and Collars. “The collar band is a delicate combination of crocodile leather and 18-carat white gold.”