This Sunday, we’re not only going to be watching our favorite stars walk the red carpet and collect their golden statues during the 90th Academy Awards — we’re also saying goodbye to another Hollywood awards season. Thank goodness we can watch the big awards ceremony and throw our own Oscar-themed party in the comfort at home. To take your party from casual shindig to suave soiree, here are 10 must-haves to keep your guests talking about you for years to come.

1. Roll Out the Red Carpet – What Oscar party would be complete without a red carpet? This one’s a no-brainer. Create a simple step and repeat red carpet with fabric from an arts and crafts store and place it in a large open area — thanks to the sunny California weather, it could be indoors or outdoors. Invite your guests to pose for photos as they arrive.  You can either use a white wall for your backdrop or create your own, and ask your guests to sign it.

2. Go Glam with Glitter – Go gold, or go home.  The Oscars are the perfect excuse you need to bedazzle your decor with glitter and gold. From sequin tablecloths like this one from Etsy to glittered flower vases, this is the time to let your creativity shine!

3. Play the Oscars Challenge – Before the day of the actual event, send your friends a link to the Official Oscars Challenge, where you will all predict the winners in the 24 categories. Compete with your friends as you watch the awards ceremony and wait for the winners to be announced. If you really want to up the ante on the competition, you can offer a prize for the winner… which brings us to…

4. Eyes on the Prize – For something a little more unique, you can also stage your own mini-awards ceremony for guests. This is a great idea, from Entertaining with Emily blog. Whether they’re best dressed, the most entertaining or the person who saw the most (or least) movies that are nominated, guests can take home mini statuettes like these little guys or a themed prize of your choosing, like movie tickets or a Netflix gift card.

5. Party Favor Fever – At the end of the night, hand out mini swag bags filled with goodies like gift cards, a mini bottle of champagne, bags of Skinny Pop and a chocolate gold-foiled wrapped Oscar. Give your guests something they’ll not soon forget.

6. Break Out the Bubbly – No Oscar party would be complete without champagne. If you really want to boost your bubbly balance, try one of the champagne cocktail recipes from Esquire or create your own “Bubbly Bar” with a glittery sign like this one from Etsy.

7. Toast-Worthy Treats – Your Oscar party is the perfect chance to show off your favorite finger foods and small bites. Some ideas might include: Oscar-topped cupcakes, Oscar-themed cookies, popcorn served in gold foil cones or Oscar-nominee inspired dishes like these ideas from Food & Wine.