Home is where stress dissolves and joy resides. When we close the door behind us at the end of the day, we enter our own domain, our shelter, our oasis. With that in mind, take the “little slice of heaven” concept one step further and woo prospective buyers by creating a real wow factor in the master bath. Make a major impression with standout ideas borrowed from some of the world’s most exclusive and extravagant five-star resorts.

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Steam Room

With the right elements, proper waterproofing measures and top-notch installation, a shower can be transformed into a dreamy steam room that will transport you to another state of mind. Surprisingly, not much space is required; but of course, the more room you have to work with, the more options you’ll have when selecting special features. Curved, tiled loungers can be directly incorporated into the design to allow for maximum comfort. As with the alternative bench seats, a means of warming the surface must be considered, either with a built-in heater or through exposure to the warm water provided by the shower spray.

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Light Therapy

One beautiful but perhaps unexpected way to modify the overall mood of a home spa is through chromotherapy, also known as color therapy. When implemented in an environment like a steam room, the impact is quite dramatic. Explore the different options that are available. It’s possible to select a package that includes a wide variety of colors, different modes of change and even brightness settings.

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Warming Drawer

What a treat! Bath towels and other items can be stored in a custom-built warming drawer to bring them to a nice, toasty temperature before use. Imagine hopping out of the tub or shower and immediately wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy robe. With a variety of cabinet styles to choose from, these drawers can seamlessly integrate into your existing bath design.

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Soaking Tub

The notion of whiling away some “me” time in the bath is nothing new in terms of relaxation methods. Taking the plunge one step further is an ofuro, or Japanese soaking tub. Designed to simulate unwinding in a natural, hot spring, an ofuro is not your ordinary tub. With accommodating, built-in seating, it is meant to immerse the user in hot water up to the chin, for complete envelopment. Traditionally, the tubs are constructed of hinoki (cypress) wood, but aromatic cedar and teak are also commonly used.

These are some truly magnificent features that transform a master bath into the ideal retreat. By elevating things to the next level, you’ll tempt buyers with a spa experience they can enjoy conveniently at home.