May 13 is Mother’s Day – an opportunity to THANK MOM for all that she does the whole year through. Celebrate the fabulous lady in your life by planning a special day just for her. After all, quality time with you is likely her idea of the perfect present!

Picture Via Camille Styles

Picture Via Camille Styles

Alfresco Meal

The arrival of this momentous holiday means spring is here. Find a way to combine the change in weather, delicious food and great conversation with your favorite person. A local botanical garden may be planning some brunch festivities that are sure to make her smile. Or keep things simple and just pack a picnic so the two of you can head to your local park in search of a shady spot to snack and chat.

Spa Treatment

Pampering the person who always took such good care of you is an appropriate way to show your gratitude. Schedule a relaxing massage or facial that is sure to melt away any stress you’ve caused her. Then plan a joint mani-pedi (boys, you can participate in this, too) so the pair of you can get pretty while you’re catching up on all the latest gossip.

Art Session

Little studios all across the country are making it easier – and more fun – than ever before to tap into your inner artist. Explore a project in watercolors or clay and paint. Instructors at hands-on classes will guide you both step-by-step through the creation of your own unique masterpieces. Sessions are usually available in a range of difficulty levels and a broad array of themes. (Bonus: Your mother is sure to tell you the finished product is beautiful – no matter how ugly it turns out.)

Picture Via Fun Squared

Picture Via Fun Squared

Matinee Movie

Choose a flick you think Mom will enjoy and get a tub of buttered popcorn to indulge in. After taking in the movie, you two film critics can analyze and dissect it over a glass of wine. It’s always enlightening to see things through someone else’s eyes – especially Mom’s. You might even learn something new about her!

Museum Outing

If you share a love of art, check the calendars of museums in your area to see which featured exhibits are in town. There’s likely to be something traveling through that you both can appreciate. Strolling the galleries to discuss which photographs you like best, or taking a docent-led tour to discover the background of a painter you both admire is an ideal way to bond and reconnect.

Hint to Dads: A few of these activities can easily be adapted into group affairs for the whole family to do together!